First Nine Weeks


Practice of Science: What scientists do and the tools they use and exploring seasons-fall

Activity Ideas:
**Mentos Experiment**
Whoa… That’s Heavy (AIMS book ~page 115-118)
Can O Worms (AIMS book ~ page 131-140)



Organization and Development of Living Things: Exploring five senses and body parts for senses

Activity Ideas: Touch
Scratching the Surface (AIMS book ~ page 119-122)
Touch & Tell (AIMS book ~ 125-128)

I See the Light (AIMS book ~ 193-196)

The Napping Nose (AIMS book ~ 199-202)
Making Sense of What you Smell (AIMS book ~ 203-204)
Making Scents from Scratch (AIMS book ~205-206)

Taste Test (AIMS ~ page 209-211)
Seeing in Not Always Believing (AIMS ~ page 213 - 217)

Do You Hear What I Hear? (AIMS ~ page 225-229)
Secret Sounds (AIMS book ~ page 235-240)

Bag of Beads (AIMS book ~ page 243-245)
Touch Tells Much (AIMS book ~ page 247-249)
Kid Gloves (AIMS book ~ page 251-254)

All Senses-
Sense Selections (AIMS book ~ page 257 - 262)
Clowning Around With the Senses (AIMS book ~ page 263 - 265)
Making Sense of Our Senses (AIMS book ~ page 267 - 270)


Properties of Matter: Sorting and describing

Activity Ideas:
Gummi Bears (AIMS book -page 93-99 )
Stand up! Line Up! (AIMS book -page 75-85 )
Cereal Sorters (AIMS book -page 87-92 )
Rainbow ‘Round My Room (AIMS book –page 101-102 )

Changes in Matter: Changing the shape of materials

Activity Ideas:
- sorting activity and thermometer are listed under attachments

Gingerbread Cutouts (AIMS book~ page 129-130)
Presto Change-o (AIMS book~ page 141-142)

Second Nine Weeks


Forces and Changes in Motion: Investigating pushes and pulls

Activity Ideas:
Is It a Push or a Pull? (AIMS book~ page 161-166 )
Push ‘n’ Pull Antics (AIMS book~ page 167-172)
Big Dog Charades (AIMS book~ page 173-174)
Playing With Pushes and Pulls (AIMS book~ page 175-176)


Motion of Objects: Investigating motion.

Activity Ideas:
Down, Down, Spin Around (AIMS book~ page 51-55 )
Fast or Slow, Watch It Go (AIMS book~ page 177-179)
How Things Move (AIMS book~ page 181-191)


Earth in Space and Time: Exploring gravity

Activity Ideas:
All Fall Down- Peep and the Big Wide World - United Streaming Link
Down, Down, Spin Around (AIMS book~ page 51-54)
Keep It Up (AIMS book~ page 55-56 )


Practice of Science: Exploring seasons-winter

Third Nine Weeks

Forms of Energy: Investigating sound

Activity Ideas:
Vibration (AIMS book~ page 147-148)
Good Vibrations (AIMS book~ page 149-150)
Vibration Stations (AIMS book~ page 151-152 )
The Beat of the Drum (AIMS book~ page 153- 154)


Earth in Space and Time: Observing objects in the day and night sky

Activity Ideas:
Changes: Day & Night (AIMS book~ page 41-42 )
Take a Turn (AIMS book ~ page 43-44)
The Sun & Moon Mini-book (AIMS book ~ page 35-40 )
Day & Night Mini-Book (AIMS book ~ page 47-48)


Practice of Science: Exploring seasons-spring

Fourth Nine Weeks

Organization and Development of Living Organisms: Comparing actual and fictional characteristics of animals and plants Observing and describing plants and animals

Activity Ideas:


Practice of Science:Exploring seasons